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Taking control of your website, top 10 tips to “Getting Found”

These 10  strategies will insure success and help increase your website traffic.

Marketing used to be easier. Gone are the days when a company could simply run a few ads, attend a trade show and have a listing in the yellow pages and watch the leads pour in.

Companies need robust websites which connect to social media and have strategies for lead nurturing and information gathering which help us convert website traffic to customers….sounds simple!

Here is a list of the top ten ways to use your website and social media to convert your traffic to paying customers!

1. Keywords: Build your website, meta data, social media and blog with specific keywords (primary and secondary) for maximum penetration to your target audience. Knowing your sweet spot of competitive keywords is key.

2. Facebook: Create a business Facebook page with a strategy to grow your audience. Also a great place to advertise.

3. Twitter: A great way to connect with customers and stay engaged.

4. YouTube: Create videos describing who you are, your geographical areas of business and post them across all social media channels. Videos rise of importance is due to keyword selection, tagging and script (talking points). You should have a strategy for videos in your quest to “getting found”.

5. SEO: Make sure each of your web pages are correctly indexed, and that you have unique titles, tags and descriptions for each page….always ask a professional for help as this is one of the most common errors made with websites.

6. Blogging: Turn your 10 page website into a 20 page website with simple blog posts. Make sure you have social media icons, calls-to-action, landing pages and forms on all blog posts.

7. Google Maps & Google+ : Make sure your business is appearing in Google’s map directories for higher rankings in search.  Google+ is now the second largest social media site!

8. Analytics: Sign up for Google analytics ( free) and track how many hits your getting per month, what words are being  using to find you and which pages are the stickiest. Do MORE of what works!

9. Take Control: Make sure your website has a CMS (content management system) and that you do not have to rely on someone else to make changes to your website. Make sure the company you hire to develop your website will give your marketing team the proper support they deserve.

10. Google Ad Words: Create a budget and a strategy to increase your web traffic. Hire a professional that has a great track record for success. This specialized section of Google is often mismanaged. Hire a pro!

10 Website tips for increasing your traffic

10 Website tips for increasing your traffic

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