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The 911 website test… Fix it or nix it!

websiteWhen it comes to your company’s website, how do you know when it’s time to pull the plug? Take this simple website test and you will find out if you should fix it or nix it!

Website Test – Fix it or nix it?

  1. How old is your website?

If your website is more than 2 years old, it may be time for a re-boot. Technology has come far and fast. There are plug-ins and special tools now available to help you with your postings to social media, blog posts, SEO and keywords. If your current website does not have these capabilities it may be time to pick up the phone and dial 911.

        2.  Is your website easy to find?

Primary keywords, secondary keywords, long tail keywords all play a role in helping your website grow organically. If you have NOT gone through the process of finding your keyword “sweet spot”, and properly coding each page title & page description, then it may be time to “fix it.”

        3.  Is your website easy to navigate?

Good websites are designed so the content is “just one click away”. If your content is buried or your website had 2 or more sets of navigation, it may be time to “nix it.”

        4.  Is your website easy to update?

Has your web developer given you or your staff training to make simple updates and changes and blog posts? If you are reliant on a second or third party programmer and web site changes/updates take days/weeks/months, it is clearly time to “nix it.”

        5.  Is your website connected to social media?

Ut oh! If you holding off on connecting to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and do not understand the importance of social media posting or the impact on your business than I suggest we “fix it.”

 See, that wasn’t so bad. Know what may be wrong with your web site and how to fix it can make all the difference in “getting found” on the web or having to call 911!

If you want to explore more options for your current web site and whether you should ‘nix it” or “fix it”, visit