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Be A Marketing Hero

Be A Marketing Hero

I was in a meeting yesterday with a new potential client. I did my usual “hero marketing” homework the night before and I knew many of his problems before we sat down. During the course of the meeting it was quick to understand he knew everything there was to know about his business (Insurance) but little about marketing and the web, he was struggling. It was hard to watch. So I decide to help.


“You have an Identity crisis”

During my research before the meeting, I did some simple Google searches and could not find him. I typed in his name, town and occupation and came up with 147 people with the same name and none of them were particular stands outs in his industry. He was invisible.

“It looks like you have a “paper” company”

I researched his website and found myself on the home page. The website has all stock images and they look like “free” stock images. The website had too many words, no graphs, no charts, no testimonials, boring template, no employee profiles and no photos of the outside of the corporate headquarters. Customers like to see sticks, brick, mortar, people, and profiles to get the sense you are a real company with real employees inside of a real building – No just a “paper” company.

“Your Meta Data is not correct”

I showed him his coding….These codes will tell you everything you need to know your website, about specific page titles (What you are calling each page) and page descriptions (Describes the content on each page) and keywords (how you want to be found). Once I looked at a few of his pages I can see none of the information was set up correctly. This can directly affect your ability to properly measure and read you analytics.

“Your competition really has their act together”

We look at the competitor’s website and I see it is filled with valuable content, white papers, lead generation, custom forms, social engagement and they did a great job setting up there site to “Inform and offer expert advice”.  Our websites goal is to inform, educate, problem solve and be an authoritative voice of your subject specific matter. To set realistic goals for qualified traffic….whom upon their visits and return visits, fill out the forms, download your content or call for a meeting or for a quote!

Enter Marketing Hero!

One company created a website for you, a second company is doing your SEO and a third person is creating content. You may need a marketing hero to step in and bring it altogether. To avoid high bounce rates, no conversions and no engagement…oversight is critical. Someone who speaks web-geek and can easily translate it so the client can be informed and the team players can be held accountable. It’s a wonder programmers hate me…but I’d rather be a marketing hero!


John Rod is Owner of J Creative Group, LLC, a local marketing firm in Freehold, NJ and a local marketing hero, father, blogger who is also obsessed with Google…. For more information about creating dynamic website and content strategies visit