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Advertising Campaigns need to have many components to have maximum impact and resonate with your audience.

PO_Wall Township Magazine_FINAL 5-29-13

Ad Design and Layout should contain these basic elements: Your headline should be direct and to the point. Photography should speak directly to your audience. Copy and messaging about your product and service, features & benefits for the customer should be easy to understand. Include contact information so you can connect with your audience and use consistent logo brand and colors throughout.

Content is king. Copy heavy ads seem more like homework than valuable information. Position yourself as the “expert” and educate your audience about your services or offering. Keep it simple with careful consideration to an offer, invite or purposeful call-to-action.


Advertising Checklist:


  • Always run ads in a consistent size, coloration and frequency
  • Have a Strategy
  • Has an offer, invite or call-to-action
  • Always use consistency of font, photos, and logo placement
  • Invite them to connect with you on social media Marry
  • The Brand and The Message together
  • Pinpoint and direct the ad to your target customers