Direct Mail

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Designing a direct mail campaign… Can be challenging. Keeping your message on target and breaking through is more science than luck. Marketing your company’s brand and services with offers, coupons, call-to-action and invitations are a great strategy for increasing sales and building brand loyalty.

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Using J Creative Group, LLC for your next direct mail campaign insures this process just got a little easier for you. We will strategize with you and develop a campaign for you that will help increase brand awareness and your company’s services. We will share our past experiences and successes with you and help guide you every step of the way.


Developing a new direct mail campaign – Our first 13 Tips (A J Creative Dozen)!

  • Have a strategy
  • Have a campaign
  • Have an offer
  • Have an expiration date
  • Have a strategy for proper follow up
  • Use consistent Branding
  • Direct it to the largest segment of your audience
  • Connect with your target
  • Entice them to “keep it”
  • Avoid over used words & messages
  • Be original
  • Use odd sizes
  • Use Great Photography