Logo Design

The Importance of Logo Design 

Trump Crest is carved for 3-D effect and then gold leafed

Production of Carved and Gold leafed sign and shipped from East Coast to West Coast

Your Companies Brand is deserving of a memorable logo design and graphic. At J Creative Group, LLC we have been developing logos for companies and products for over 20 years. We develop logo graphics that are colorful, impactful and memorable. We review each logo design and insure it’s readable for printing and ready for all forms of digital applications.










Our process is simple and easy. Gathering all the information about your target audience and the applications and context the logo will be used in “in advance” to insure success in the end design. We develop multiple logo designs for each client to select from and go through a review & the approval process with you and your team.

Once approved, the final logo is then sent to you in various formats for use in multiple applications. 



 PO_Wall Township Magazine_FINAL 5-29-13







J Creative Group, LLC… Is your source for creative design for all your logo and branding needs.