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WHY US… Hiring the right group or agency to oversee your new website Design can be challenging. How can you make the experience fun, exciting, educational, rewarding and… Easier?  

J Creative Group, LLC understands marketing and website design and blogging and keywords and navigation and programming and lead generation and web analytics and creativity and landing pages and dynamic content and link building and SEO and Google.

The internet is the most profound, dynamic and increasingly important marketing tools any company can invest in. A well designed website can be a company’s best and most effective ways to capture leads and gain new customers.

“John is a pleasure to work with! He is very knowledgeable in the real estate industry, which proved to be a huge advantage when he was designing my website. I highly recommend John and trust him with all of my marketing needs!”
Margaret Pittenger – Owner, Pittenger Realty



Is your website easy to find?C&L  NEW1 Know what kind of traffic you are getting and what keywords are driving new customers to find your business. Analytics is the only way to track your customers to insure you are doing the right things. We will teach you how to review the analytics reports. 

We will create “call’s to action” for customers at various stages of the decision making process. We will help you keep your customers educated, informed & engaged.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN… Your website design needs to include “responsive design”. All of our website designs will adjust automatically to any device and screen size your customers may be using… Including mobile users!
KEYWORDS ANALYSIS – Our website designs start with a complete “keyword analysis” which is a tool that guides us in “writing the website content” and meta data

NAVIGATION – Kipcon NEWPeople will spend more time on your website if it is easy to navigate. Making it easier for them to find what they are looking for is the first step. Everything should be one (1) click away. Are you using all the tools necessary, including plug-ins with maximum SEO ratings? Videos, Blogging, Google+ and social media all play key roles in your website’s success and we will educate you on the complexity and impact of each.


Is your website design well designed and Managed – People like to view photos and videos more than they want to read a lot of copy. Reviewing and understanding your analytic report is key to finding out which pages are most viewed and which pages are least viewed. Having a user friendly CMS (content management system) is your first step to ensuring you have control over your content and are not at the mercy of the third Party programmer. 

Be Empowered! – Each of our websites comes complete with a 2 hour training session where we teach you or your staff members the ins and outs of your website. You take the wheel! You have control! You can make changes anytime you want!

Each of our websites is built in easy to understand language with plug-ins adapted specifically to your needs.

Is your website design engaging?hero web There has to be something unique about your site and plenty of bells & whistles. Think about what people want to see and what action steps you can create for them. They have a problem – your company can solve that problem. Engage your audience to sign-up, pick up the phone, live-chat, e-mail, blog or download.


How you know it’s time for a new website design and web team:

  • Your website design over 5 years old?
  • Your website was done by yourself, a friend or a high school student?
  • Your website is not current and up to date?
  • You are not meeting your web team on a regular basis?
  • Your website can only be changed by one person and he’s a little hard, has another full time job and only works on website design from 1:00 a.m. -3:00 a.m., on Tuesdays.
  • Changes to your website take weeks, months?
  • You do not understand a lot of the tech talk and need someone to help you explain things in easy language you can understand?


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